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Jerry (Jeff Taylor) begging Missy (Chelsea Lerner) not to leave

Casey (Kelley Peters) reminds Ricky (Brian Chambers) that there will be no more dates till they get hitched

Pizza Guy (Bryan Kaplun) thanks the neighbor ladies

Buck (Tom Stell) gets ready to strut his stuff

Lizzie (Derrien Kellum) can't believe Trip's (Steven Olivier) arrogance

Heartbreak, U. S. A.


An original SRO Show!

Performance rights available!


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Book and Lyrics by Michael Weems; Music by Timothy Boaz; Directed by Vance Johnson

Premiered May 14 - 30, 2015 at Obsidian Theater, Houston Texas.  Produced and commissioned by Standing Room Only Productions (


Original cast:  Jerry - Jeff Taylor; Missy - Chelsea Lerner; Ricky – Brian Chambers; Casey – Kelley Peters; Trip – Steven Olivier; Lizzie – Derrien Kellum; Pizza Guy – Bryan Kaplun; Buck – Tom Stell


A brand new, World Premier musical written and developed by Houstonians Michael Weems and Timothy Boaz.   Heartbreak, USA is a modern, funny and often heart wrenching look at love and relationships.


True love lies in the heart of every — no… it just lies.


Jerry’s not going to get off the couch. Not for anyone or anything – not until Missy returns to his loving arms. Only problem? Missy’s just slammed the screen door shut on seven years of neglect.  Jerry holds true to his stubborn vow, joined by his best friend Ricky, a local lothario – Trip – and the often visiting “Pizza Guy.” They crow sad songs to the night and bond as brothers without lovers.  Across town, Missy tends to her emotional wounds with the help of always-the-bridesmaids – Casey and Lizzie – gals who are more than ready to head out of town to find themselves (and normal men).


As the two groups hold their own, a few late night excursions to test the other side’s resolve create more than a few hiccups to everyone’s world and as a result the groups head out of town for adventure as quickly as they return, tail tucked between their legs.  Three couples split, will any reconcile?


Welcome to Heartbreak, U.S.A.! Do you have a ten for a pizza?

List of Musical Numbers (click on underlined musical numbers for preview)


Act 1

1 I Can’t Do This Missy/Jerry/ Female Ensemble

2 Off White Dress Missy/Casey/Lizzie

3 Fort Heartache Jerry

4 What Do We Need with Guys Missy/Casey/Lizzie/Ricky

5 My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend Jerry/Ricky/Trip

6 Count to Five Jerry

7 The Lonely and Regretful Broken Boys Band Jerry/Ricky/Trip

8 Follow My Voice Missy/Lizzie

9 No Turning Back Missy

10 Judas Icarenot Girls

11 Going Going Gone All

Act 2

12 Dip, Zip, Strip Buck

13 Heartbreak USA Jerry

14 Heading on Down the Road All (except Jerry)

15 Count to Five (reprise) Lizzie

16 Blue Balls Blues Casey/Ricky

17 Slice of Life Pizza Guy/Buck

18 Twice as Long Lizzie/Trip

19 Dreamed Too Big Missy

20 Count to Five (reprise) Missy/Jerry

21 Going Going Gone (reprise) All


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